Brainerd City Building Fees

22 11 2010

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11/22/2010 Tonight we had a Special Council Meeting regarding potential fee increases in the City of Brainerd. Actually, it was a public hearing for the Personnel and Finance Committee, however all Council members were present, excluding the Mayor (Happy Birthday James).

There was only one person there, a local builder, to comment from the public. Some of the fees were proposed to double, (example: $40 to $80 for residential re-roof). I am curious as to why more builders were not present.

My perspective was that it is not prudent to raise fees at this time. We want to encourage people to improve their homes and build new ones in Brainerd. Those actions (improvements) will increase the value (taxable value) of the home, and be more of a benefit to the City in the long run. By raising the fees, we may actually be discouraging home improvements.

At the meeting, there were at least two other Council members that publicly were not in favor of raising the fees. One other member has indicated they were not if favor of raising the fees. So it is unlikely that they will be raised any time soon. However, watch for more updates.

Hopefully, we will have greater public participation regarding the Public Hearing on the proposed Zoning map changes scheduled for January 12, 2011, at 6pm. See the City website for more details on that …

Thanks! – Kevin




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